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Nikolai Nikiforov
Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation
Oleg Fomichev
Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Andre Wegner
CEO, Authentise
Veronika Skvortsova
Minister of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
Sergey Kiriyenko
Chief Executive Officer, Rosatom
Arkady Dvorkovich
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
Yury Saprykin
Sergey Sobyanin
Mayor of Moscow
David Yan
Founder and Board member, ABBYY
Anatoly Karachinsky
President, IBS Group; public figure; member of the Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
Viktor F. Vekselberg
Russian entrepreneur; President, Skolkovo Foundation; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Renova
Jeremy Rifkin
Social theorist, economist, writer and public figure
Nouriel Roubini
Professor of Economics, New York University
Dmitry Livanov
Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Heather Staker
Senior Research Fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute
Zhuo-Hua Pan
Professor of Ophthalmology Department of Ophthalmology and Anatomy/Cell Biology Wayne State University
Jim Morris
President of Pixar Animation Studios
Shawn Young
Founder of Classcraft
Wei Shyy
Provost of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Arman Gukasyan
Arman Gukasyan, Founder and CEO, Russian IT company Vizerra, Skolkovo resident
Airat Bagautdinov
Founder, ‘Moscow through the Eyes of an Engineer’ educational project
Derek Breen
Author of Scratch For Kids For Dummies and Instructional Designer, MIT Education Arcade and i2 Learning
Aubrey De Grey
Biomedical gerontologist
Alexander Galitsky
Co-founder and Managing Partner of Almaz Capital Partners
Patrick Griffin
Head of ATC21S Global Research Project, University of Melbourne
Garrett Martin Johnston
CEO and owner, Macroscope Consulting
Vladimir Kosteev
Chief Executive Officer, iR&D Directors Club
Victor Lysenko
Founder and CEO, RocketBank, Skolkovo resident
Bertalan Mesko
Medical futurist
Fedor Novikov
Urbanist, publicist and Founder, DOM
Pekka Viljakainen
Advisor to the President of Skolkovo
Sergei Selyanov
Film producer and founder, STV
Alexey Komissarov
Director, Industry Development Fund
Yegor Ivanov
Mayor of Innopolis
Alessandra Orofino
Executive Director and Co-founder at Meu Rio
Ilya Chekh
CEO Motorica, LLC
Edward Crawley
Head, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Ben Nelson
Founder, chairman and CEO of the interdisciplinary Minerva Project
Roberto Cingolani
Scientific Director, Italian Institute of Technology
Dmitry Sharov
President, OCT Clinical Trials / Data Matrix
Alexei Sitnikov
Vice President of Institutional and Resource Development, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Dzhanik Fayziev
Movie producer, CEO Central Partnership
Anatoly Levenchuk
Artur Sakalis
Head of Games Department, Odnoklassniki social network
Dmitry Voloshin
Director of University Relations, Research and Corporate Education,
Henry Readhead
Board Member of Summerhill School
Yuri Nikolsky
Director of Science/CSO, Skolkovo Foundation Biomed Cluster
Vasily Belov
Senior Vice-President of Innovations, Skolkovo Foundation
Alexander Chernov
Senior Vice-President of External Communications and Advertising, Skolkovo Foundation
Eugeny Kuznetsov
Deputy CEO, Chief of Project Management Office, and member of the Board of Directors of RVC
Timoure Shchoukine
General Director of Vetvi Labs, manager of the Russia 2045 Civic Movement techonology project
Andrey Zyuzin
Managing Director of VEB-Innovations Foundation
Carlo Ratti
Architect, Director of SENSEable City Lab, MIT
Mikhail Blinkin
Professor at the Higher School of Urban studies, director of the Institute of Transport Economics and Transport Poli...
Andrey Perfiliev
Chief of Medicine, Atlas Biomedical Holding
Kirill Kaem
Vice President and Executive Director of Вiomedical Technologies Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation
Alexey Moskalev
Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Radiobiology and Gerontology
Ilya Flaks
Founder and CEO, Fibrum
Grigory Leschenko
Director, Multimedia and Gaming Technologies, Skolkovo Foundation
Sergey Orlovsky
Founder and Director of Nival
Oleg Nazarov-Bruni
Alexey Petrukhin
Founder and Producer, Russian Film Group Corporation
Arman Yakhin
CEO, Main Road Post Visual Effects Studio
Yulia Anfilova
Marketing Manager, YouTube Russia
Ksenia Shipulina
Co-founder and CEO of smartBPM
Nikolay Grachev
Vice-President, Executive Director of Energy-Efficient Technologies Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation
Natalia Salamova
Business Development Director, BioEq
Andrey Lisitsa
Head of the Bioinformatics Technologies Lab at the Orekhovich Research Institute of Biomedical Chemistry.
Andrey Sidenko
Computer Science teacher at the Municipal Budgetary Educational Institution General Secondary School No. 29
Devin Young
Aleksey Gusev
Head of the Innovation Infrastructure Monitoring Service at RVC.
Ancha Baranova
Scientific Director, Atlas Biomedical Holding
Alexander Gorokhov
General Producer, CGF visual effects studio
Igor Shakhrai
CEO, Hevel
Yury Udaltsov
Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of RUSNANO Management Company LLC
Yaroslav Petrichkovich
President, ELVEES Group
Vsevolod Opanasenko
CEO, T-Platforms Group
Denis Mikheev
Advisor to CEO, PET-Technology
Elizaveta Malikova
Biotechnology Project Manager, SYGMA.Novosibirsk
Denis Makienko
CEO, RM Nanotech
Kirill Mayorov
CEO, Bebig
Artur Isaev
Founder and CEO of Human Stem Cell Institute, OJSC
Evgeny Zaytsev
Managing Partner, RMI Partners
Valery Gurinovich
CEO, Galen
Paul Heremans
Director of Large Area electronics department, IMEC
Carlos Vaz de Carvalho
Director of the R&D Group, GILT - Games, Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP)
Lidia Kobtseva
A teacher of IT classes
Michail Alshibaya
Head of the Department of coronary surgery of Scientific center of cardiovascular surgery them. A. N. Bakulev RAMS
Igor Nikitin
CEO, Bal Robotov, Robots Inc
Ralph Simon
Founder & CEO, Mobilium Global Limited
Alexander Shulgin
Russian Innovation Pavilion
Hari Hegde
Senior Vice President & Global Head – Operations, Wipro Ltd.
Arman Voskerchyan
CEO Russia and the CIS, Philips
Arkady Stolpner
Head of Medical and Diagnostic Center, International Institute of Biological Systems
Anton Dolin
Film Critic
Anton Buzdin
Director of the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology of the Higher School of Molecular and Experimental Medicine...
Anna Urmantseva
Host and Creator of TV show Brainstorm
Anna Osharova
CEO, Crowdlife
Anna Mongayt
Journalist, TV presenter, editor-in-chief of cultural broadcasting, TV Rain
Anna Guseva
Partner, EY
Anna Gilyova
Curator of; Head of Public Programmes, Theory and Practice
Ankit Shukla
Technological Research Practice Director, Frost & Sullivan
Anil Vali
Managing Director, Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer, Indian Institutes of Technology
Andrew Sviridenko
Chairman, SPIRIT DSP
Andrey Ovchinnikov
CEO, Stena
Andrey Lomonosov
Business Manager, Lex Quantum Ltd
Andrey Konyaev
Editor-in-chief, N+1
Andrey Kozlov
Chief Investment Officer, RBV Capital
Andrey Ivashentsev
HoloLens Technology Evangelist, Microsoft
Andrey Zotov
Managing Partner, ADJ Consulting / Representative, McKinsey
Andrey Vvedensky
Director of Investment Programs, member of the Board, RVC
Andrey Berkov
Director of Programs to Stimulate Demand, Rusnano
Andrey Artishchev
CEO, Livemap
Anastasia Dagaeva
Business Development Director, Arbat Capital
Amir Amedi
Professor, Medical Neurobiology Department, Hebrew University
Alla Lapidus
Chief Research Fellow, Algorithmic Biotechnology Center, St. Petersburg State University; Deputy Director, Algorithm...
Alina Lavrentieva
Partner, Private Company Services (PCS) Russia Leader, PwC
Alexei Texler
First Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation
Alexey Repik
Chairman of the Board of Directors, R-Pharm
Alexey Novikov
Habidatum, Graduate School of Urban Studies and Planning at HSE
Alexey Konov
RBV Capital
Alexey Ershov
Vice President, Smarter Cities Europe at IBM
Alexey Girin
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Starta Capital Accessor Fund
Alexey Borovkov
Vice-Rector for Advanced Projects, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Alex Bokov
Alexey Basov
Vice President, Rostelecom
Alexandra Borisova,
Head of ‘Loft’ projects, TASS News Agency
Alexander Turkot
Founder, Maxfield Capital
Alexander Sobolev
Director of the Department for Government Policy in Higher Education
Alexander Pas
Founder, Playtronica
Alexander Oganov
Alexander Molchanov
Director, Distance Learning Center, Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics, and Automation
Alexander Mityashin
Project Manager for Thin-Film Electronics, IMEC
Alexander Malyukov
President, Witology
Alexander Laptev
Deputy City Manager, head of Department for City Planning, Skolkovo Foundation
Alexander Lavrov
Project Department Director, Vizerra
Alexander Kuzin
Managing Director, NovaMedica
Alexander Kashirin
Deputy Chairman of the Research and Technology Council, Rostec
Alexander Zhilkin
Governor of Astrakhan Region
Alexander Zhavoronkov
Head of Regenerative Medicine Laboratory, Dmitry Rogachev Federal Research and Clinical Center for Pediatric Hematol...
Alexander Auzan
Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University
Alex Sukharevsky
Senior Partner, McKinsey
Adam Greenfield
Managing Director, Urbanscale
Alejandro Aravena
Architect, founder, ELEMENTAL S.A.
Igor Calzada
academic entrepreneur working as Lecturer, Research Fellow and Senior Policy Adviser at the University of Oxford (UK...
Tim Stonor
Managing director, Space Syntax 
Demyan Kydryavtsev
Founder, YASNO Communication Agency 
Vladimir Paperny
Designer, architectural historian, Professor at the University of California
Grigory Trubnikov
Vice Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Mikhail Kovalchuk
Director of National Research Center Kurchatov Institute
Naledi Pandor
Minister of Science and Technology in South Africa.
Cao Jianlin
Vice Minister of Science and Technology and member of the CPC Leading Group of MOST
Harsh Vardhan
Union Minister for Science & Technology in the Government of India
Aldo Rebelo
Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation of Brazil
Andrei Fursenko
Aide to the President of the Russian Federation
Axel Kowalski
CEO of NeuroFit GmbH, CEO of Home of attention
Alexey Nikolaev
Trainer at the Intel Corporate University
Alexander Tormasov
Rector of Innopolis University
Igor Asonov
Director of the Center for Youth Technical Creativity, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Dan Davidson
American Councils for International Education, ACTR/ACCELS
Denis Yanyshev
Laboratory of Quantum Information, Faculty of Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Andrei Lyamin
Head of the Center for Distance Learning at ITMO University
Mike Feerick
CEO and Founder of ALISON
Andrey Vilenskiy
Director General, MEDITEX Science & Technology Center
Dmitry Zubtsov
Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)
Evgeniy Buidinov
Deputy Director General for Innovation Development, Russian Satellite Communications Company
Leonid Melamed
Chairman of The Board RMI Partners, Board member of NovaMedica
Gerd Leonhard
Futurist, Author, CEO, The Futures Agency
Esko Aho
Chairman, Business Team for Russia Former Prime Minister of Finland
Axel Flaig
Head of Research Technology
Martin Peuker
Deputy CIO, Hospital Charité
Vitaly Prutsky
CEO, Natsionalniy Bioservis
Alexander Kel
Chief Executive Officer,
Mikhail Samsonov
Chief Medical Officer, R-Pharm
Vladislav Mileiko
CEO, ReadSense Genomic Center; co-founder, Director, Genomika
Kamil Isaev
Vice President of EMC Corporation; a General Manager of EMC Moscow R&D Center
Maxim Zharenov
Telecommunications Project Manager, Space and Telecommunications Technologies Cluster, Skolkovo
Vasily Ryzhonkov
Head of Mobile Tech Hub, Skolkovo
Lilia Boyko
Director of Communications, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech)
Alexander Fertman
Science Director, Nuclear Technologies Cluster, Skolkovo
Ruslan Yunusov
CEO of the Russian Quantum Center
Anastasiya Rakova
Deputy Mayor, Chief of Staff to the Mayor and Moscow City Government
Tommaso Calarco
Professor of Quantum Information University of Ulm
Ivan Kudryavtsev
Journalist, film expert
Mikhail Abyzov
Russian entrepreneur, state official, public figure, minister
Joe Sabia
Head of Development, Condé Nast Entertainment
Ilya Naishuller
Yulia Shakhnovskaya
Director, Polytechnic Museum
Peter Bishop
Professor of Urban Design, Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London
Alexander Ruchev
President, Morton Group
Richard Hsu
Founder and curator of TEDxShanghai
Maria Gracheva
CEO, Yandex.Money
Dmitry Navosha
Editor-In-Chief of
Rudi Cartuyvels
Senior Vice President of Smart Systems & Energy Technologies, IMEC
Burt Rutan
Pioneering aerospace engineer
Igor Agamirzyan
CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, Russian Venture Company
Anatoly Chubais
Chairman of the Executive Board, Rusnano
Marco Mareggi
Marco Mareggi, urban time planning consultant, professor, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies at Polytechni...
Andrey Egorov
CEO, Open University Skolkovo
Boris Kozlov
Partner, SIU System
Sergey Nugaev
Head of Moscow Coding School
Robert Fogel
Principal Education Architect, Intel Corporation
Alexander Kaplan
D.Sc. Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Laboratory for Neurophysiology and Neuro-Computer Interfaces at th...
Fernando Rodriguez-Villa
Business Development and Strategy, Knewton
Sergey Soshnikov
Head of Department of Mathematical Modeling in Healthcare, Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and In...
Igor Bogachev
Vice-President, Executive Director, IT Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation
Alexei Belyakov
Vice-President, Executive Director, Space and Telecommunications Technologies Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation
Igor Karavaev
Vice-President and Executive Director of a cluster of nuclear technology companies at the Skolkovo Foundation


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