Companies wishing to take part in the Exhibition should complete the Exhibitor’s registration form on the event's official website,, by September 28, 2015 after which they will be a registered Exhibitor. Applications received after September 28, 2015 will be considered only if there are free places remaining. Upon receipt of an application, the Organizer will send the Participant confirmation, together with information on how to access the Exhibitor's Personal Web Office, an Exhibition Participation Contract and details of all of the additional services available (Exhibitor’s Handbook).


Participation fees are made up of: the registration fee, the cost of providing exhibition space and the cost of any additional services.

1. Registration fee:

Participants must pay a registration fee of RUB 20,000.00 (excluding VAT). The registration fee is mandatory for all Exhibitors (including Co-exhibitors). The registration fee covers: including information about the exhibitor in the official electronic Exhibition Catalog (in accordance with the requirements for information to be submitted); participation in all Exhibition events except those that require a personal invitation; visitor tickets for the Exhibition – one ticket per square meter of space.

2. Provision of exhibition space:

Provision of exhibition space includes: provision of exhibition space in accordance with the Exhibitor’s request, general security at the pavilion and the organization of an entry permit system, cleaning of the passageways and public spaces, and advertising for the Exhibition as a whole.

2.1 Exhibition space for standalone stand:

Participation format OPTIMUM PREMIUM
Minimum size of exhibition space 20 m2 50 m2
Cost (excluding VAT) RUB 15,000/m2 RUB 13,000/m2
Accreditation at the Exhibition 20 m2 – 5 Exhibitor’s badges plus 1 Exhibitor’s badge for each 10 m2 of exhibition space
Participation in business program 1 badge (category depends on status of Exhibitor’s representative) 2 badges (category depends on status of Exhibitor’s representative)

Visibility premium:

Corner stand 2 sides accessible 10 %
Half-island 3 sides accessible 15 %
Island All sides accessible 20 %
Double-level stand 50 %

2.2 Pre-equipped exhibition space:
2.2.1 Regular stand – RUB 20,000/m2 (excluding VAT)

9 m2 10-12 m2 13-15 m2 16-18 m2
Accreditation at the Exhibition as an Exhibitor (number of badges) 2 3 4 5
Participation in business program 1 Standard badge
(badge category may be upgraded depending on the status of the representative and at the Organizers' discretion)

2.2.2. Equipped work station in a themed zone – RUB 100,000 (excluding VAT)

Includes an equipped work station, three Exhibitor’s badges and participation in the business program (one Standard category badge).

2.2.3. Equipped work station in the Start-Up zone – RUB 15,000.00 (excluding VAT) – available on a competitive basis

Includes an equipped work station and one Exhibitor’s badge.

3. Open space for standalone stand – RUB 4,000.00/m2 (excluding VAT)

Minimum dimensions 30 m2
Includes provision of exhibition space in accordance with the Exhibitor’s request, and one Exhibitor’s badge.


1. Preferential terms for participation in the Exhibition are offered to small and medium-sized companies with particularly distinctive exhibition stands displaying significant Russian technology and design; medium-sized companies which have previously exhibited and which continue to expand their collaboration with the Exhibition; companies which have not exhibited before but which are capable of being a draw for their industry segment and attracting a sizeable target audience; and small, entrepreneurial businesses with exhibits and developments of interest to the Exhibition theme.

2. The Exhibition Organizer will select and submit for confirmation by the Exhibition Committee up to five companies with a total stand area of up to 250 m2 in the standard area to be granted free exhibition space.

3. The Exhibition Organizer will select and submit for confirmation by the Exhibition Committee companies with a total stand area of up to 1,000 m2 in the standalone space area to be granted the exhibition space at a cost of between RUB 3,000 and RUB 13,000, taking into account payment in kind and other forms of collaboration with the Exhibition.

4. Additionally, the Exhibition Organizer will select a list of companies which may present their products, services or experiences to all visitors to the Exhibition on preferential terms via direct involvement in the Exhibition arena (using mobile applications, navigation, gamification of exhibition routes, augmented reality and other types of technology accessible to participants and visitors to the event throughout the Exhibition area).


The official electronic Exhibition Catalog will be complied in Russian and English based on information received from Exhibition participants no later than September 28, 2015. The information must be submitted via the Personal Web Office on the event's official website

Please note: If your activity and/or goods require a license, the information must include the license number and the name of the body which issued the license. Advertising for goods requiring mandatory certification must include the reference “requires mandatory certification.” Suitably notarized copies of the licenses and certificates should be sent to the Organizer together with the information for the Exhibition Catalog.


After their application to take part in the Exhibition has been registered and they have received the invoice, Exhibitors must make an advance payment by the following deadlines:

Full payment must be made no later than 30 days before Exhibition set-up begins.
The cost of the contract does not include transportation or insurance of the Exhibitor’s property used on their stand. All costs are to be borne by the Exhibitor.

Any part square meter of unequipped space shall be paid for as a full square meter. If a two-level stand is erected, the cost of the display space on the second level shall be 50% of the cost of unequipped space. Stands with improved visibility shall attract the following premiums (two sides accessible – 10%, three sides accessible – 15%, all sides accessible – 20%).
When transferring funds, the Exhibitor shall notify the Organizer of the payment instruction number, the date and the amount transferred.

If funds are not paid into the Organizer’s account by the start of Exhibition set-up or payment is not confirmed by a payment instruction, the Organizer shall no longer be obliged to fulfill the terms of the contract and shall have the right to refuse the Exhibitor permission to participate in the Exhibition. This does not exempt the Exhibitor from their liability to reimburse any losses the Organizer may incur.

If the Exhibitor requests additional services which are not included in nor paid for under this contract then they shall be paid for separately. Final settlements shall be made within three banking days on the basis of an acceptance certificate for services provided, which shall be signed by the parties on the last day of the Exhibition. The final cost of the Organizer's services shall be shown in the acceptance certificate for the services provided.


If an Exhibitor submits written confirmation of their intent to withdraw from participating in the Exhibition, then at the written request of the Organizer they shall pay the following penalty:

Exhibition operating hours:

Exhibition set-up from 20:00, October 24 to 18:00, October 27
Exhibition open October 28 – November 1
Exhibition take-down from 21:00, November 1 to 18:00, November 3

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