accreditation rules

1. General Provisions

1.1. The accreditation of media representatives (hereafter, media accreditation) with the Open Innovations Forum (hereafter, OIF) is designed to ensure the required conditions for professional activity to prepare and distribute full and reliable information about the OIF’s events.
1.2. Media accreditation is required for work at all OIF events.
1.3. Media accreditation for work at the Open Innovations Exhibition, to be held as part of the OIF 2015, will be carried out in accordance with the accreditation rules and regulations for media accreditation at the OIF.
1.4. In performing their professional activity, media representatives shall respect the rights and lawful interests of the OIF participants and staff and will observe the generally recognised ethics.
1.5. The number of media representatives who can take part in OIF is limited, due to the organisers’ desire to ensure the most comfortable working conditions and quick access to all resources for media representatives, given significant interest in the event from the media and considering the limited infrastructure possibilities of the site which is hosting the event (VDNKh).
1.6. The OIF Organising Committee may increase the quota through a formal request from the media given the substantiated grounds for this.

2. Media accreditation

2.1. Both Russian and foreign media representatives may apply for registration with the OIF and the Open Innovations Exhibition, whereas:
2.2. Technical media staff (representatives of the host broadcaster, employees responsible for operating the mobile satellite systems and outside broadcast vehicles, drivers of cars accredited with the media etc.) shall be accredited with the OIF in accordance with the rules for the accreditation of technical staff as posted on the website:
2.3. Accredited media quotas:
2.4. The procedure for the submission and consideration of accreditation applications:
2.5. The procedure of issuing accreditation badges to media representatives:
2.6. Rules of access to OIF events:
3. Denial of accreditation
The OIF Organising Committee may deny accreditation: 4. Rights and obligations of media representatives accredited with the OIF
4.1. A media representative accredited with OIF may:
4.2. Media representatives accredited with OIF shall:


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