23 October, 2015
October 26, 18:00, Public interview with Jeremy Rifkin DI Telegraph

“How a zero marginal cost society is established: how we are going to earn money”
Moderator — Vasily Auzan, economist, Member of the Program Directorate of the Open Innovations 2015 Forum.

Jeremy Rifkin — a well-known economist, futurist, post-capitalism theorist and the author of several bestsellers. The author of the concept of the ‘third industrial revolution,’ which suggests the start of the decline of capitalism. In a new book called The Zero Marginal Cost Society that has yet to be translated into Russian, Rifkin predicts the imminent collapse of capitalism due to the fact that new ways of manufacturing a wide variety of goods are killing the foundation of all businesses – added value.

According to Rifkin, by the end of the century the traditional economic models will be replaced by a new world connected to a single internet system based on the principles of cooperation and existing on account of renewable energy resources. It will be a world in which everything is manufactured on 3D printers and people receive their educations in online courses instead of educational institutions.

The event will be held with the support of “Theory and Practice.”
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