27 October, 2015
October 29, 20:00, Public interview with Bertalan Mesko Digital October.

“Medicine of the future: How it will change our lives” Bertalan Mesko, Doctor and Medical Futurist. Moderator — Darya Sarkisyan, medical reporter and former editor of the Medicine column on the website of the Bolshoy Gorod magazine published in Afisha-Gorod, Esquire, Vokrug Sveta, The Challenger, Takhikh Delakh and other publications. Bertalan Mesko is a doctor, specialist in clinical genetics and a medical futurist according to own definition. He sees his mission as bringing breakthrough technologies to medicine and public healthcare via his books in which he promotes and proclaims key trends that shape the future. Mesko founded the project — a service that compiles blogs about medicine and health for doctors and patients. He also gives lectures on medical technologies at universities and international healthcare organizations as well as advises pharmaceutical companies and firms that manufacture medical equipment. Mesko is the author of the unique training course “Social media in medicine.” The event will be held with the support of “Theory and Practice.” Free admission.


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