28 October, 2015
Technosoft and VisionLabs have signed partnership agreement in the field of visual recognition

October 28, 2015, Moscow. A ceremonial signing of a partnership agreement between Technosoft, LLC - Russian developer of application software within Technoserv Group, and VisionLabs, LLC - resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center, working in the field of computer vision and analysis of big visual data took place at Open Innovation 2015 forum.
At the setting stage of partnership, Technosoft will be using VisionLabs LUNA system in software development and various projects.

VisionLabs LUNA is based on innovative technology of visual recognition, which is officially included in TOP-3 best visual recognition systems in the world. Independent test Labeled Faces in the Wild by University of Massachusetts verification provided.

VisionLabs LUNA aims at photo and video stream processing, also including options for face detection and tracking, quality assumption by extracting very compact and effective face-keys (descriptors). Due to its small size, the descriptors allow super-fast search within billions of photos. As a result, VisionLabs technology performs up to 200 times faster, than any nearest competitor. VisionLabs is one of the first companies, which developed and implemented system for identification and verification of faces with the use of convolutional neural networks (CNN) in commercial products for retail.

“Technosoft is not an ordinary application software developer – it’s a part of Technoserv Group, the largest Russian system integrator. One of the company’s objectives as a Skolkovo resident is to cooperate with colleagues from the Innovation Center and find promising developments, which can add to product portfolio of Technoserv Group, – Viktor Strelkov, VP of System Integration and Software Engineering, Technoserv Group, commented on the partnership. – We have tested VisionLabs platform and we consider the company’s products to be very promising, as they are based on the computer vision technology, which allows working not only with face biometry, but with the objects as well”.

Leading market solutions in the field of biometry and computer vision have a number of peculiarities. In particular, technologies of different vendors conflict by biometric pattern, and it brings additional costs to marry them. On the Russian market nowadays, there is a tendency for combined and complex solutions in this area.

“Partnership with company #1 on the market of system integration will allow us to build up on the joint stick of orders and promote bringing of the new products to market with the use of VisionLabs technology of computer vision and deep learning. I’m sure that our clients will appreciate of effectiveness of our solutions in day-to-day operations,” – said Alexander Khanin, CEO of VisionLabs.

“Techoserv became partner of Skolkovo Foundation in 2014. Since that time, the company has contributed a lot for the development of Skolkovo innovative residents. Synergy of innovative technologies and business expertise of Technosoft and VisionLabs in the field of visual recognition will make the joint product much more competitive on the new markets,” – commented Igor Bogachev, VP, Executive Director of the IT Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation.

Contacts for media:

Ekaterina Andreeva
, Head of Press Service, Technoserv Group.
phone.: (495) 648-0808
cell.: (903) 676-5868

Alina Sobolevskaya, Marketing Director, VisionLabs, LLC
phone.: +7 (495) 399-3361
cell.: +7 (917) 586 -2646


Technosoft is a developer of application software, part of Technoserv Group. The main objective of the company is to develop and bring to market commercial-of-the-shelf software, to provide technical support for company’s solutions.
Company’s portfolio consists of more than 15 solutions for telecom and transport companies, for manufacturing industry, for Fuel&Energy Complex, for government departments, financial institutions and security agencies.
Technosoft is based on Technoserv R&D center at Skolkovo Innovative Center. Import substitution in IT is an important development objective for the company.
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VisionLabs is a world-leading company in the field of visual recognition. VisionLabs is officially included in Top-3 best visual recognition systems in the world by results of independent tests. VisionLabs is a vendor of technologies and solutions for financial institutions, retail, security, automatic access. Company is the resident of Skolkovo Innovative Center.
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