28 October, 2015
Open innovation model: partnership of the state and business

The state support only is not enough for building the innovation system in the country - attraction of private assets is necessary. Thus it is important not to allow closeness of the innovation environment: to cooperate with global partners, to observe the experience of other countries and to be focus on the export. This was discussed at the strategic session "Open Innovation Model in Russia" arranged with the assistance of the Open Government within the “Open Innovation” forum".

The Government can't independently create the innovation environment, this process shall also involve the society, the Minister of the Russian Federation for the Open Government Mikhail Abyzov assures. According to him, the entrepreneurial spirit and human capital based on the education ecosystem shall become the base for such eco-environment creation. Only in such terms the private capital attraction to the innovation sector will be effective too.

Russia is still few time being on the way of the innovation development: such development vector was set by Dmitry Medvedev only in 2008. During this time a certain progress was achieved, however the rates of the innovation implementation in our life still remain rather slow, Mikhail Abyzov stated.

"We set ourselves the task of essential increase in investments into Research and Development. By 2015 it was supposed to bring these investments to 1,7% of GDP. Probably, this year will achieve the level about 1,2% of GDP. Therefore, the purposes on investments into Research and Development aren't carried out today, we are behind the targeted plans", - Mikhail Abyzov declared.

The target indicators determined within the Strategy of the Russian Federation innovation development till 2020 accepted in 2011 also aren't reached. So, within the strategy it was supposed to increase a share of the innovative products in GDP from 6,8% in 2011 to 25% in 2020, however last year this level amounted to 7,2%, the Minister reminded. Therefore, over the last 5 years this level almost didn't change, Mikhail Abyzov stated. According to him, the indicators declared within the strategy require adjustment towards reduction.

"It is necessary to set them ambitious, but implementable", - he emphasized.

Nevertheless, over the last 5 years, according to Mikhail Abyzov, significant efforts were made for the development institutes foundation.

"We created a complete chain of the innovation support. Although the state institutes of the innovation development are created in order to substitute the market failures being obviously present at the first stage. The state hasn’t enough resources to support it for decades. It will be necessary to give way for the private capital when having performed the driver role", - he told.

It is slightly more difficult to create the innovation spirit in big countries than in small ones, the Minister stated. Actually the highest rates of the innovation technology development show the small states, such as Finland, Israel, Korea.

Finland followed the way of the expenses on Research and Development increase, and this helped it to create the innovation environment, the ex-Prime Minister of the country Esko Akho noted. According to him, the Government opened the gates of strategic partnership between the business and universities, was engaged in the market deregulation, there was the resources transfer into new sectors of economy and industry started.

"There are different strategies of conduct. We may wait for the context, i.e. the external conditions, improvement. And also we may change the internal strategy depending on the external conditions. And that is the best option", - he considers.

The technology director, the chairman of the strategic planning and research division of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy of the Korea Republic Hyo Je Pak is sure that the state’s role in the innovation development is of paramount value. Due to the authorities’ attention to this field the country achieved huge successes in the field of mobile devices, electronics, cars production. Last year Korea took the leading position in the world according to the amount of investment into the innovation.

"But it is necessary to develop both the state and private sector. The state’s role is to create such system where both universities and business, and the state would participate. It shall be such loop of innovation including all participants. Besides, it is also necessary to involve scientists into the innovation commercialization", - Hyo Je Pak considers.

It is important for the state to set the problems in the market, and to be ready to withdraw in time, the minister of affairs of Jerusalem and diaspora Zeev Elkin believes. According to him, thanks to such policy Israel yields only to the Silicon Valley on the number of startups, now the share of venture developments in the country is also one of the biggest in the world. In due time the authorities of the country made the decision to finance the sector of research and development from the state funds, however it was insufficiently. At the beginning of the 90th the program of the development joint financing by the state and private sector - global venture funds were created. Inflow of the foreign capital was the basic instrument which helped to achieve progress, Zeev Elkin assures.

According to the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, now it is necessary to empower people for accomplishment of the tasks related to the innovation development and to generate the technological backlog necessary for the industry.

"It is important not to make the mistakes of the Soviet period. It is necessary to create bridges between fundamental science and the development commercialization. In the Soviet period this chain was broken off: the applied science existed separately from the production. The applied component shall be the bridge in order to enable the results in the innovation component", - he noted.

He urged to provide a two-way road and to promote the technologies appearing in civil sector for the use in other industries. According to him, we also may not forget about cooperation with foreign partners – they have a good opportunity to create the centers of research and development in Russia, and they do it. It is necessary to continue development of joint projects with global players, he emphasized.

Russia followed the way of the innovation ecosystem creation not so long ago if compared with other countries, the head of RUSNANO Anatoly Chubais reminded. Israel needed 15 years for achievement of significant results, Korea – 25 years, the Silicon Valley – 30 years. Therefore, in his opinion, we shouldn't expect for considerable progress right now.

"It is necessary just to continue the started, there is no need to be developed after political trends from delights concerning the innovation to mass "flak" on an innovation. We will complete the task, and we would like to do this with assistance of the state", - he told.

For creation of the effective innovation environment, especially regarding the nanotechnology, Russia, in his opinion, isn't enough rather large innovation giant companies, such as Apple and Microsoft

"We too much speak about that is our national property. Certainly, the companies which are engaged in the natural resources, in many respects determine the image of the Russian economy and the state. But our national property is "Yandex", "Kaspersky", ABBYY. And if it is real movement, we will be able to make serious progress in development of the innovation", - the minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Abyzov considers.


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