29 October, 2015
Hevel company started the first stage of the largest solar power station in Russia

October 29, 2015. Hevel company (joint business of Renova Group of companies and JSC RUSNANO) started the first stage of the Buribay solar power station (SPS) with the capacity of 10 MW in Buribay village of the Haybullinsky area of the Bashkortostan Republic. The command on the station commissioning was given while teleconference from the Open Innovations Forum platform by the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak, the Director for High-Technology Assets Development of Renova Group Mikhail Lifshits and the Chairman of the RUSNANO Board Anatoly Chubays.
General capacity of the Buribay station after the second stage implementation will be equal to 20 MW. Hevel Investment for the first stage construction amounted over 1 billion rubles. LLC Avelar Solar Technology included into the Hevel structure acted as a Prime Contractor .
88 thousand solar modules installed at the station were produced by the Novocheboksarsk plant of the company opened in February, 2015. Over 70 percent of the station accessories are manufactured within the territory of Russia.
Buribay SPS became the first of seven stations planned by Hevel for construction in Bashkortostan in the following years. Total capacity of all future SPS in the area will make 59 MW, and the estimated investment amount exceeds 6 billion rubles.
Hevel is the largest integrated company in Russia doing business from solar panels production to SPS construction. The company founders are Renova Group (51%) and JSC RUSNANO (49%). The company owns the plant for solar modules production in Novocheboksarsk (Chuvash Republic) with the capacity of 97,5 MW per year, and also has its own science and technology center. Hevel plans to put 500 MW of new solar generation into operation in various regions of Russia within the following three years.

RUSNANO open joint stock company was founded in March, 2011 by means of the state corporation of Russian Nanotechnology Corporation reorganization. JSC RUSNANO promotes implementation of the state policy on the nanotech-industry development by means of direct investment and investment through the nanotechnology investment funds into financially effective high-technology projects providing new productions development within the territory of the Russian Federation. Main investment sectors are the following: electronics, optoelectronics and telecommunications, health care and biotechnology, metallurgy and metal working, power industry, machine and instrument making, construction and industrial materials, chemistry and petro-chemistry. 100% of JSC RUSNANO shares are owned by the state.

JSC RUSNANO assets management is performed by RUSNANO Managing Company, limited liability company founded in December, 2013, with Anatoly Chubays as the Chairman of the Board.

Targets on the nanotechnology infrastructure creation and the educational programs implementation are performed by the Foundation for infrastructure and educational programs which is also created due to the state corporation reorganization. Please see more details here –

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