30 October, 2015
The Discussion on How to Create an Environment for Innovative Businesses Took Place at Open Innovation Forum

On October 29 within Open Innovation Forum the open table "Innovative Habitat. How to Create an Environment for Innovative Businesses?" was held.

The presentation of Skolkovo extensive research on the development of the innovation ecosystem in Russia: "Cambrian explosion": How development institutions helps to develop the Russian start-ups" was held within open table.

Cities are the concentration of financial and human capital, the center of knowledge. Big cities set the standard of innovation and technology development on the worldwide scale. Experts discussed the prospects for the next 10-15 years: how to make the city a platform for innovative business, which is able to attract and retain the best professionals and companies, as well as which actions from regulators side will help to create the habitat, which is attractive for technological entrepreneurs.

Open table moderator was Aleksandr Chernov, Senior Vice-President on External Communications and Advertisement of the “Skolkovo” Foundation.

In the discussion about the innovative ecosystem development the following people took part: 
• Katalin Galyas, Manager of Open Innovations in Amsterdam 
• Egor Ivanov, Mayor of Innopolis innovative city, Tatarstan 
• Dzhukha Konstiainen, YIT Corporation Vice President, Management of Urban Development and Corporate Communications
• Hila Oren, Founder and CEO of Tel Aviv Global 
• Park Won-soon, Seoul Mayor 
• Jean Pistre, Chairman of Skolkovo Fund Urban Council, the curator of Technopark planning area, the author of Skolkovo Technopark complex
• Stefano Lo Russo, Turin assessor 
• Oleg Bocharov, Head of the Department of Science, Industry and Entrepreneurship of the Moscow City 

Aleksandr Chernov, Senior Vice-President on External Communications and Advertisement of the “Skolkovo” Foundation: “An explosion happened on our planet 540 million years ago in the middle of the Cambrian Period which got the same name. The planet suddenly enriched itself with a huge number of biological life forms which began to search their development paths. Now something like the same Cambrian explosion with start-ups takes place; the next technological revolution has caused an explosive growth of organizations, people, companies and small teams”.

Oleg Bocharov, Head of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the Moscow City: “The innovations are indeed a revolution. Ii impossible to reach innovations by means of an evolution, this will be an improvement. I think that my task within my capabilities is to show you a city for innovations absolutely in different eyes: our subject is “the environment, the environment formation”, but it is strange to form it without regard to the today's situation. The innovations, the innovators should work their way. We should observe, should be ready to establish equal competitive positions of the innovative product and the large-scale industrial product”.

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“Skolkovo” Foundation
The Foundation for Development of Innovation and Commercialization Centre “Skolkovo” is a non-commercial organization established on the initiative of the Head of the State in September 2010. The Foundation goal is mobilization of the Russian resources in the area of modern application investigations, formation of a positive environment for research and development in five promising directions of the technological development: power generation and energy efficiency, space, biomedicine, nuclear and computer technologies. The project suggests establishment of the “Skolkovo” Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), research institutes, a business incubator, a technology transfer and commercialization centre, offices of foreign companies and R&D centers, accommodation facilities and a social infrastructure and also further spreading of the effective mode through other innovation regions of Russia. The activity of the “Skolkovo” Innovation Center is controlled by a special law which provides special economic conditions for its residents. The total gain of the companies-residents of “Skolkovo” was 1 billion dollars up to December 2014. The companies raised more than 200 million dollars of investments, created 13,500 work places and submitted more than 1,300 patent applications. The “Skolkovo” will construct more than 2 million of square meters of accommodation facilities and office premises, 35,000 people will work in the Innovation Center up to 2020.

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