30 October, 2015
The most fast-growing technological companies - the leaders of the national rating of "Techup-2015" - have been determinated

On October 28 the winners of the fourth national rating of the Russian hi-tech fast-developing companies "Techup" have been declared at the Moscow international Open Innovations Forum. According to the rating results, last year technological "gazelles" made a breakthrough in the rates of revenue growth: whereas in 2013 the growth of total revenue was 18%, in 2014 is was 35%.

"Techup" rating takes place annually at the initiative of RVC for identification and promotion of the most perspective fast-growing technological companies which develop and deliver on the Russian and foreign markets the innovative products and technologies. The Higher School of Economics, MSP Bank and PwC which developed the methodology of assessment of companies on the basis of their international experience, act as partners of RVC in rating formation.

This year 60 companies of 250 applicants, which passed qualifications-based selection, were included in the rating. According to the criteria, at least a 4-year-old company, showing average annual rate of revenue growth not less than 15% in the 3 last years and with a revenue volume for the last year from 100 million to 10 billion rubles can become a participant of the rating. But the fact of market launch of at least one unique product developed on the basis of own or acquired results of research and development should be the main achievement of the company. Moreover the costs of research and development in the company should be not less than 5% of revenue amount. Therefore, the rating includes the enterprises which steadily show these figures above average on their field for the last three years.

According to the analysis of the data provided by the TOP-50 participants of the rating, despite the crisis phenomena in economy, the revenue of technological "gazelles" in general have grown by 35% in comparison with the previous year: from 58.1 billion rubles to 78.2 billion rubles. In terms of one company, the average amount of revenue was about 1.6 billion rubles. Their common expenses on technical innovations have grown by 19% - to 19.1 billion rubles. Each company spends at the average 26% of the revenue on technical innovations, the share of expenses on the research and development takes 12% of an annual turn. Average age of the companies was 19 years, the average number of the employees exceeded 500 people.

Sector profile of TOP-50 of the rating is as follows: nearly 50% of the participants of the rating represent mechanical engineering, electronics engineering and instrument engineering, industrial equipment, production sector. The revenue amount of these companies was 33.2 billion rubles in 2014, for the three last years in succession they increased the turnover by 35%. The pharmaceutical companies became the second for profitability – their total volume of revenue was 16.8 billion rubles. Thus the greatest revenue growth for 2012-2014 was demonstrated by the companies of chemical industry (38%).

As well as in the last year, the most successful companies have been distributed according to three main categories: TOP-10 of the largest companies (according to revenue amount), TOP-10 fast-growing companies (according to the rates of revenue growth) and TOP-10 of innovative companies (technological level of output product, its novelty, intellectual property of companies, as well as expenses on research and development and technological innovations are estimated).

The pharmaceutical company "Biokad" - the St. Petersburg producer of innovative medicinal preparations for treatment of oncological and autoimmune diseases - became the leader of the rating. The participant of the previous year rating of 2014 managed to increase the revenue more than 2.5-fold and to raise from the 10th to the 1st place in the TOP-10 rating of the largest companies.

The Leader Compound company from the Republic of Mordovia which managed to increase its profitability by 8 times in three years, was recognized the leader in the rates of revenue growth. Thanks to its innovative development, a new material for isolation of power voltage cables up to 35 kV, which earlier was only imported, appeared on the Russian market.

The top ten most innovative companies was headed by OSPE “Technology” named after A.G. Romashin from Kaluga city. Flagship technological and design solutions allow enterprises to improve the missile and aerospace, aviation and other types of high-tech equipment and machinery. Technology of manufacturing of large-sized heavy duty carbon-fibre aircraft components for the tail of the aircraft MC-21 was for the first time in domestic practice.

In 2015 additional nomination was generated - the TOP-10 companies with high export potential. According to the rating analysis, more than 60% of the companies export their products to foreign markets. However, according to experts of the rating LLC “PCC” (Perm Chemical Company) has the highest export potential. The company produces fine and specialty chemicals, used in microelectronics, for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and plant protection products in the diamond mining industry, glass industry, etc. About 80% of “PCC” production is exported to the Asia-Pacific region, the United States and Europe.

The complete list of companies that are included in the rating, as well as their key performance indicators can be found at the rating

According to the rating RVC jointly with Higher School of Economics conducts analytical study based on the survey of companies participating in rating and interviews with company executives. This analysis allows to identify the best practices, the development strategy of the companies, identify key barriers to their development and to define the most effective measures of state support.

According to preliminary data provided by experts of Higher School of Economics, the vast majority of companies (90%) consider it possible and tend to move in the next 5 years to a new level of development. It is primarily expressed in the development of innovative products (60%), fold increase in revenue (49%), and class-leading position in the Russian market (42%). Nearly half (45%) set themselves the task to gain a foothold in the global market during these 5 years, including 18% believe that they have a chance to enter the world market in the group of leaders in their niche.

According to results of a survey - most of the companies (78%) already work on foreign markets. On the average, exporters supply 10% of its production to foreign markets, at that 9% for the share of exporters export more than half of their revenue. The main direction of export - the CIS countries (90% of companies export there), are selling in the markets of developed countries, almost half (48%) of participants of rating, and 40% work in developing countries.


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