30 October, 2015
Computer vision for robots: Skolkovo’s startups VisionLabs and Promobot have signed partnership agreement

October 30, 2015, Moscow. Signing of partnership agreement between VisionLabs, LLC – world-leading company in the field of face recognition, and Promobot, LLC – developer of self-contained promo-robots, took place at Open Innovation 2015 forum. Both companies are residents of Skolkovo Innovative Center. The partnership aims at development and promotion of the new products and at integration of face recognition technology with interface of promo-robots.

VisionLabs is a developer of innovative technology for visual recognition, which is officially included in TOP-3 best visual recognition systems in the world. Independent test Labeled Faces in the Wild by University of Massachusetts verification provided.

Promobot is the first-ever completely self-contained “living” robot with character. It is intended to functioning in crowded places, where it helps people with navigation, answers any questions, shows promo-materials and remembers everyone to whom it spoke.

In the near future VisionLabs technologies will allow technique to understand context: what is happening to the person and around him. With this capacity, robots can become full role members of human community. Synergy between VisionLabs and Promobot is an important step in this direction.

“At VisionLabs we develop technologies, which can change the world, making it a more comfortable and secure place to live. We are greatly inspires by the idea of future, where service functions can be totally committed to robots. We are happy to be working on this challenge with our colleagues from Promobot”, - commented Alexey Nekhaev, Managing Director of VisionLabs.

“Promobot is a leading company in production of service robots in Russia. Day by day, we enhance our product, making it smarter and even more effective for our clients. Face recognition is one of the key functions of our robots. Together with VisionLabs, we are heading to new horizons and opportunities to integrate our robots. We will be happy to promote affective and mutually beneficial partnership,” – said Alexey Uzakov, CEO of Promobot.

“Modern technologies are incremental. Technologies complement one another; sum becomes bigger than its members are. New organs of vision for robot of Skolkovo resident Promobot will allow it not only to see the world around better, but to understand it better as well. The technology, developed by another member of Skolkovo community, company VisionLabs is based on deep learning of neural networks and is capable of recognizing human faces even better, than people do. This very integration of products and technologies is one of the goals Skolkovo aims at in the process of building up self-reproducing innovative ecosystem in Russia”, - highlighted Albert Efimov, Skolkovo chief roboticist.

Contacts for media:

Alina Sobolevskaya, Marketing Director, VisionLabs, LLC
phone.: +7 (495) 399-3361
cell.: +7 (917) 586 -2646

Oleg Kivokurcev, Chief Commercial Officer, Promobot, LLC
phone.: +7(342 )257-8085
cell.: +7(919) 440-1919

VisionLabs is a world-leading company in the field of visual recognition. VisionLabs is officially included in Top-3 best visual recognition systems in the world by results of independent tests. VisionLabs is a vendor of technologies and solutions for financial institutions, retail, security, automatic access. Company is the resident of Skolkovo Innovative Center.
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Promobot is a leader in production of service robots in Russia. Nowadays completely self-contained robot Promobot is capable of acting as a guide, administrator, and consultant, helping to lessen the burden on administrative stuff and avoiding human factor mistakes. More than 50 robots work at cinemas, shopping malls, museums and help clients.
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