30 October, 2015
Synergy of Skolkovo Foundation and Eurasian Federation of Oncology at Open Innovations Forum

Within the Open Innovations Forum, the Skolkovo Foundation has signed a cooperation agreement with the Eurasian Federation of Oncology, in terms of which it is planned to support joint educational initiatives in order to raise awareness of breakthrough technologies in oncology and to popularize the importance of innovations in control of cancer diseases. The agreement will strengthen cooperation as part of investigations in Russia and abroad, and it is aimed at supporting the integration of scientific research and development in medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, hospices, etc.) and other institutions at various levels. In addition, cooperation will concern the joint work on the development of Skolkovo research infrastructure.

Furthermore, the biomedical cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation in cooperation with the Eurasian Federation of Oncology, supported by pharmaceutical companies Sanofi and Bristol-Myers Squibb, has presented the first edition of the popular science almanac dedicated to the achievements of modern oncology.

Among the main topics of the almanac are the following: the latest technologies and development trends in diagnostics, prevention, and new approaches to cancer diseases treatment.

Almanac is published in Russian and English, and it is intended for a broad audience of experts in oncology and people interested in this area.

This absolutely unique edition will be an important scientific, technological and business platform for the exchange of views among experts and, at the same time, an explanation in simple terms what is happening in the field of cancer diseases.

Kirill Kayem, Vice-President, Executive Director of the biomedical technologies cluster of Skolkovo Foundation: «Signing of the agreement with the European Federation of Oncology is intended to consolidate our already long-term cooperation in the framework of joint educational, scientific and social initiatives in the field of cancer control. It is timed to coincide with publication of the first popular science almanac dedicated to innovations in oncology. We fully support the mission and objectives of EAFO, and we plan to hold together the first Russian innovative oncology forum next year».

Christina Khodova, Head of Oncology/Immunology discipline of the biomedical technologies cluster of Skolkovo Foundation: «Oncology is one of the most rapidly developing areas of modern medical science, this is the sector where many discoveries and cutting-edge technologies appear. About a third of Skolkovo residents in the field of biomedicine are engaged in oncology research and developments. In addition, it is no secret that the increase in cancer morbidity and high mortality rates put it in a number of major unsolved problems of modern health care, and cancer control draws a lot of attention of the research and clinical institutions, industry and the public. The purpose of our publication is to introduce the latest achievements and future development of cancer diagnostics methods and treatment to a wider audience. I am sure that thanks to our sponsors and partners, we have succeeded».

Somasundaram Subramanian, Director of the Eurasian Federation of Oncology: «Skolkovo Foundation is a unique project that gives our scientists, regardless of their gender, age, nationality, position, the feeling of being an equal part of the global community. The real large-scale positive impact of the Skolkovo Foundation, in my understanding, will be increasingly felt in Russia and abroad in the coming years. We strongly believe that the publication will be useful, first of all, for the specialists in other fields and related disciplines, as well as for the scientists who are not oncologists, but are interested in it or plan research in the field of oncology, as well as for the general public».

Background Information

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