31 October, 2015
Open Talk: How Should Look Like the Education System of the Future?

October 30, Moscow – Performance of the speakers of the day “Education” at Open Innovations Forum and Technology Show 2015 in the format of Open Talk took place. The information about new technologies in the education system and the future of the educational process was delivered by the Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov, strategic director of Knewton Fernando Rodriguez-Villa, CEO of Minerva Project, Ben Nelson and senior researcher of Clayton Christensen Institute Heather Staker. The moderator of Open Talk was the presenter of day "Education", Vice President of Institutional and Resource Development, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Alexei Sitnikov.

"I believe that today we are on the threshold of a new revolution in education. This revolution is connected with the formation of online education», - Fernando Rodriguez-Villa said with confidence. Online technologies, greatly expanding the content, enable teachers to improve the interaction with the students, contribute to the personalization of educational processes, allowing the teachers to switch to other questions. However, Fernando Rodriguez-Villa admitted that online technologies are not able to replace the teachers of creative professions in which human factor are important elements.

Another model of the future educational system is presented as the university without campus and classrooms, without the traditional stuff, the work of which aims the development of students' skills connected with effective interaction, critical and creative thinking, perceiving the world. Campus for students is the cities where they live on different courses, where they can apply their knowledge to practice. "There is a need to reconsider the principles of the university," - said Ben Nelson, expressing confidence that his project will encourage higher education institutions to improve the guidelines and training system.

In his speech, Dmitry Livanov drew attention of the session participants to that fact that innovations in education do not affect the essence of the educational system. Although the role of teachers is chancing, and the teachers are not monopoly carriers and translators of knowledge any more, the educators are becoming the navigators in the ocean of knowledge and information, assistants in building an educational path for their students and help them in self-determination and in finding the motivation for learning.
Conclusion of Open Talk was drawn by Heather Staker who expressed the opinion in favor of a combination of traditional and online teaching tools: "It is very difficult to break away from tradition, but I assure you that mixed education more effective and fun for children."

About Open Innovations Forum and Technology Show

Open Innovations Forum and Technology Show 2015 is the largest in Russia event, revealing the topic of the future of technology in modern life, economy and society.
The Forum is held since 2012 under the auspices of the Government of the Russian Federation, with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and with the participation of the Government of Moscow, as well as the Russian development institutions of OJSC “ROSNANO”, OJSC “RVK”, the Foundation “Skolkovo”, Vnesheconombank, the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Fields. The operator of the Forum is the Foundation “St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.” Over the years, the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the heads of the governments of some foreign countries, the representatives of the large companies took part in the Forum.

The Forum participants include major technology companies and young start-ups, venture industry and state development institutions, visionaries and engineers, suppliers and consumers of technology.

This year’s event will be held in a new format of discussions “sans ties”, in the truly informal and interactive environment. In addition to the plenary presentations, the master classes, free lectures, presentations, debates, workshops, public interviews will be held during the Forum.
The discussions will be built around the topic of “The Man at the Crossroads of the Technology Revolution Trends" and focused on five key areas of the human life, changing dramatically under the technology influence: productivity, habitat, education, health and show-business industry. A certain day of the Forum will be dedicated to each of these areas.

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