15 September, 2015
Future Created Me: Yaroslav Gorodetsky

Shall a website be not slow! That is exactly where Yaroslav Gorodetsky saw the potential for his own business and founded CDNvideo – online video streaming provider. Yaroslav gave us a short interview as part of the “Future Created Me” series where he told us what a content distribution network is, what a startup owner shall think about and what Dostoevsky has to do with all that.

OI: What is the name of your project and what is it about?

Yaroslav Gorodetsky: The project is called CDNvideo. It is content distribution network which consists of 300 servers located in 11 countries on 3 continents.
OI: What is the main benefit of your project?

Yaroslav Gorodetsky: CDNvideo network provides uninterrupted online video streaming, fast upload of video-on-demand as well web-site acceleration.
OI: Why did you choose internet content as an object for your project?

Yaroslav Gorodetsky: Most of my life I worked in telecommunications and at a given moment I noticed an empty niche in the Russian market.  
OI: What helps you and what, vice versa, distracts?

Yaroslav Gorodetsky: My employees help, my own laziness and slovenliness distract.
OI: How long does your working day last?

Yaroslav Gorodetsky: The best working schedule for me is from the noon till 4 am. But my family does not agree so I have to adjust and work like anybody else: from 9am till 6-10 pm depending on the work-load and domestic chores.
OI: How do you spend your free time if you have it at all?

Yaroslav Gorodetsky: Yes, I do have free time because I try not to work at weekend. I spend time with my family, read, go to the movies, concert and football matches.

OI: What would you advise a person who is starting his own business?

Yaroslav Gorodetsky: Think most of your time about your clients and what they want.
OI: If there is anything, you would never refuse?

Yaroslav Gorodetsky: Probably, in certain circumstances one can refuse and scarify anything.  But I don’t really want to lose an opportunity to have a responsible freedom of action that your own business gives. 
OI: What do you think is more important thing to succeed – knowledge or experience?

Yaroslav Gorodetsky: Experience is more important. Pure knowledge is often detached from reality. You need to learn using it, and this is experience as it is.
OI: What books would recommend to our subscribers?

Yaroslav Gorodetsky: “Crime and Punishment” by F. Dostoyevsky; “The Principles of Success” by K. Matsushita; “War and Peace” by L. Tolstoy.
OI: What is your brightest memory of school?

Yaroslav Gorodetsky: The brightest memory is a feeling after our prompt. The feeling that schooling has ended, we are about to enter the world where we will learn from our own mistakes, not textbooks.