22 September, 2015
How 3D Printing is Changing the World

Only a decade ago, 3D printers were an exotic oddity, and only the wealthiest people could afford to have one in their home. Their use was confined to churning out plastic souvenirs. Today, 3D printing technology has permeated every industry, from orthotics and prosthetics manufacturing to turnkey construction of entire houses and even castles, while the cost of assembling or buying a fully functional 3D printer has dropped to just a few hundred dollars.

In recent years, 3D printing has attracted a great deal of attention from the army and the navy, as well as from clothing and footwear manufacturers, fashion designers, and jewelers who can use 3D printers to craft completely unique, custom-made items.

The Open Innovations Forum will focus closely on this revolutionary technology. During the Forum’s Productivity Day, experts will gather to discuss transitioning everyday product manufacturing to the additive method and developing effective 3D model designs, explore the limits of cost-effective additive manufacturing, imagine what the future holds for this technology, and address other challenges for the industry. The expert panel will include Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise Inc., a consulting firm which helps the world’s largest companies explore how 3D printing can boost their business; CEO of 3D-Store Ashkhen Ovsepyan; and Director of Science at the Skolkovo Nuclear Technology Cluster Aleksandr Fertman. Join us at VDNH on October 28 to learn how the Third Industrial Revolution is changing the world!


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