01 October, 2015
Axel Flaig of Airbus to Discuss the Future of Aircraft Engineering

Aviation is currently in the midst of a dynamic power revolution: an electric aircraft has already taken to the skies and it will not be long before we see mass-produced planes that run on solar batteries and biofuel. In the custom-built arena, we have the example of the Solar Impulse and Solar Impulse 2 airplanes which are capable of traveling thousands of kilometers on solar energy alone.

At the Open Innovations Forum, our aim is to provide our visitors with a vision of the future of aircraft engineering. One of the star guests of the Forum will be Axel Flaig, Senior Vice President of Research and Technology at Airbus, who will speak on the subject of The Airplane of the Future at the Plenary Session.

Axel Flaig will examine not only new energy sources for aircraft, but also changes to the design and materials used in the production of modern aviation technology (there is even a project to construct a completely transparent fuselage). The main thing, however, is speed, and an airplane capable of flying from London to New York in the space of an hour has already been patented.


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