05 October, 2015
Why are people afraid of the progress?

The unique international survey supported by ABBYY has been launched to study public attitude towards ethic, social and political challenges the scientific and technological progress has to overcome.

During the survey the world’s first database of such challenges will be created. The results of the survey will be one of the key discussion topics at Open Innovations Forum that is to take place at VDNH from October 28 till November 1 and cover the theme of “Humanity in the Center of the Technological Revolution”.

Currently three most widespread challenges to the progress are selected. They are so called “the challenge of regeneration”, or the fear of the rapid changes of our life, “the challenge of a dead end”, or doubts in expediency of further expensive scientific researches (for example, in space), and “the challenge of destruction” meaning the fear of a total war and rapidly developing military technologies.

The survey presupposes the analysis of tens of thousands publications in the international media where ethic aspects of scientific and technical progress are touched upon. It is possible to find, analyze, select and systemize such an enormous volume of text material only by using computerized algorithms of the linguistic text analysis.

Software solutions to implement such a large-scale survey will be provided by ABBYY – the major international developer of software for deep analysis of digital texts, data processing and translation. ABBYY’s solutions are used by 40 million users in 200 countries to process 9.3 million documents and forms annually; they were awarded with more than 260 prizes by the leading professional magazines and testing laboratories worldwide.

The major Russian and international experts in communication, data analysis and visualization were invited to interpret the survey results. The geography of the composite authors spreads from Tokyo to Los Angeles, from Moscow to Cape Town.
The academic advisor of the project is the chief researcher of Novosti MediaLab, invited research officer of the University of Southern California Vasily Gatov. The expert groups also feature such worldwide famous scientists as Emeritus Professor of MIT Loren Graham, professor of the European University Alexander Etkind, futurist Gerd Leonhard.


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