14 August, 2015
Open Innovations to set stage for a new industrial revolution

On October 28, the 2015 Open Innovations Forum will kick off with a first-day agenda focusing on the theme of Productivity. Contributors to the day’s proceedings will include Burt Rutan (USA), the legendary aerospace engineer and innovator who designed the first aircraft to fly non-stop around the globe, and Jeremy Rifkin (USA), the economist and bestselling author who came up with the concept of the Third Industrial Revolution. Participants will discuss automation, robotization, industrial innovation, and the energy revolution. 

The Open Innovations Forum, held annually in Moscow since 2012, will take place at VDNH over five days from October 28 to November 1 and will include an exhibition, the Technology Show, which will be open to the general public. This is the first time that the event has adopted a five-day format. Each day will be devoted to one of five spheres of human life: productivity, habitat, education, health, and entertainment. 

Every year, Open Innovations attracts a host of tech entrepreneurs, directors of major corporations, leaders in innovation, heads of regional government, R&D directors of major international companies, heads of Russian institutes of development, venture capitalists, young scientists and entrepreneurs, and students. The 2015 event is no exception. 

The Plenary Hall will operate throughout the first day and will be moderated by Alexey Komissarov, Director of the Industry Development Fund and a former member of the Moscow City Government. 

“I found the very concept of a plenary stage operating continuously over all five days of the Forum to be genuinely innovative, which is why I immediately agreed to act as moderator. The most interesting speakers, with their own opinions regarding key development trends in various areas of technology, will be my discussion partners. I will also be moderating public debates for the first time and carrying out plenary interviews in a format that has not been seen in Russia before. As usual, Open Innovations implicitly requires a certain tolerance for risk,” commented Komissarov. 

The key event on day one will be a strategic session, Open Innovations Model in Russia, in which experts will consider whether big corporations are ready to adopt the solutions offered on the market by small and medium-sized companies on a competitive basis. 

On the same day, Forum participants will also discuss the privatization of space: How can innovative technologies make space more accessible? What potential is there in exploiting the Moon and asteroids? When will we enter an era of widespread space tourism? 

The meeting of the Innovation and R&D Directors Club on Productivity day will be of particular interest to medium-sized and large companies. 

In addition, the first day will feature the traditional Governors’ Session, during which regional government leaders will discuss how innovation impacts the development of regional economies and improves living standards in urban areas. The session will also examine the best Russian and international practices in this area. 

The first-day agenda also includes open lectures presented by leaders in innovative industries (flexible electronics, quantum processors, cars and airplanes of the future); master classes on the introduction of additive technologies (3D printers), robotics, industrial virtual design, the adaption of the office environment to the reality of the technological revolution, as well as opportunities to ‘test drive’ driverless vehicles; presentations by startups; and public interviews and debates on topics including the energy revolution, IT, the unique features of Russia’s venture capital industry, and the Internet of Things in industry.


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