21 August, 2015
Seven sections of the Technology Show on the "Open Innovation" forum

Open Innovations Technology Show is inspired by the modern day feats of engineering and demonstrates the visitors the latest achievements, innovations, ideas and products, which will reshape our everyday routines. Four day exposition (29 October – 1 November) in Pavilion 75 of VDNH venue will give visitors a chance to get an insight into the technological future of the planet. 

Robotics & AI
There is a great variety of robots nowadays: some of them explore outer space, others do housekeeping, some of them are the size of a building, others can be put in a pocket. Meet the breakthrough robotics innovations that influence our habitat, entertainment, industries and cities, and feel the reality of AI. 

Biotech & Medicine
Modern biotechnology change our views on nature and science. How has the global health care industry changed after the shift to personalized and preventive medicine? When do we expect the radical extension of human lifespan? Come to the forum and learn the answers. 

Digitalizing & Big Data
In our everyday life we use a great number of digital devices without even thinking about how complicated they are. You will see the technologies of cloud computations and asset controls, products of big data processing, the Internet of Things in your future home and complex systems of data storage. 

Global entertainment and media corporations constantly introduce new products and services that rapidly change our interactions and the industry landscape. What kind of entertainment awaits us in the future? 

Industrial Technologies
Management and tech support of complex industrial systems require the use of a whole variety of modern technologies. Informational engineering and industrial achievements in the field of materials allow us to create completely automatic energy-efficient and eco-friendly production lines in many branches such as machinery, food industry, household detergents and metallurgy.

Providing mobility is the number one priority for big cities and metropolitan areas. In future it will be possible that traffic regulations will sync with the rhythm of the cities, quadrocopters will deliver mail by air reducing the load on traffic. We have already created technologies of fast building, industry robotics, digital navigation and unmanned aircraft, and some of them are available for everybody. 

Cleantech & Energy
Scientists and inventors work on returning clear air and water to the people, reducing dangerous fumes production and consumption of carbon, electric and thermic fuel. Learn more about eco-friendly technologies for living in a greener future. 


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