08 September, 2015
Scientific and Technological Progress: Ethical, Social, and Political Challenges

Scientific and Technological Progress: Ethical, Social, and Political Challenges. A unique study conducted by the Open Innovations Forum.

The main theme of the 2015 Open Innovations Forum is Humanity in the Center of the Technological Revolution. The Forum’s organizers will present a unique study of the ethical, social, and political challenges facing humanity’s technological progress.

We are currently witnessing a technological explosion in all areas of life. Society stands on the verge of developing practical ways of modernizing the biological make-up of the human being, creating artificial intelligence, and building global extra-human communications structures. Technology’s effects on the personal and social spheres, and on nations and states, inevitably trigger rejection and meet with resistance. This resistance takes the form of a whole range of limitations and challenges of ethical, political, and social nature, including “destruction challenges” caused by a fear of heightened military technology; “transformation challenges” triggered by drastic social, political, and structural shifts brought on by technology; and “dead-end challenges” caused by the relatively high expense of further research in such fields as space exploration.

The goal of this study is to create the first global database of its kind, showing the ethical, social, and political issues facing the different regions and cultures of the world as a result of technological progress. Since research of this scope can only be conducted with the help of digital linguistic text analysis algorithms, the Forum’s organizers teamed up with ABBYY, a global leader in deep digital text analysis, and FidoLAB, a prominent provider of non-traditional linguistic analysis tools. In all, the study will analyze tens of thousands of publications from around the world concerning the interaction between ethics, politics, and new technologies. Leading international experts in a variety of fields are busy interpreting the results.

The study was put together by a team of people stretching from Tokyo to Los Angeles and from Moscow to Cape Town. It includes Russian and foreign experts in communications, data analysis, and visualization. The research project is headed by Senior Researcher at Novosti Media Lab and Visiting Fellow at the University of Southern California Vasily Gatov. The study’s expert team includes such internationally renowned academics as MIT Professor Emeritus Loren Graham, Professor at the European University Institute Alexander Etkind, and futurist Gerd Leonhard.


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