09 September, 2015
Open Innovations Forum explores cities of the future

On October 29, the 2015 Open Innovations Forum, which will be held at VDNH from October 28 to November 1, will focus on the theme of Habitat, specifically the urban environment. 

By 2050, more than 70% of the planet’s human population will live in cities. Day two of the Forum will examine the impact of technology on this urban environment as the dominant human habitat. Leading architects, technology gurus, urban planners and entrepreneurs will discuss new technologies that have transformed architecture and construction, digital and transportation revolutions, and future trends in urban infrastructure development.
“Things that you and I might think about as global problems, like climate change, the energy crisis or poverty, are really, in many ways, city problems. They will not be solved unless people who live in cities, like most of us, actually start doing a better job, because right now, we are not doing a very good one," says Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Meu Rio (My Rio) web portal Alessandra Orofino. “And that becomes very clear when we look into three aspects of city life: first, our citizens' willingness to engage with democratic institutions; second, our cities' ability to really include all of their residents; and lastly, our own ability to live fulfilling and happy lives.”

Habitat Day will host over 20 lectures, round tables and debates focusing on the entire spectrum of urban infrastructure, from transportation and turnkey city construction to the level of technology we can expect to see in future at urban cultural facilities.

A number of discussions will touch upon new technologies as tools to engage residents in the issues affecting their cities. These discussions will be led by Alessandra Orofino (Brazil) and Chief of Staff to the Mayor and Moscow Government Anastasiya Rakova, who will talk about the Active Citizen web portal and mobile app: the Moscow Government’s digital referendum platform.
Laurent Gaveau (France), Director of The Lab at the Google Cultural Institute, a project which focuses on digitizing art from around the world, will talk about the cultural aspect of the urban environment during an event dedicated to the ever-changing nature of cultural products.

The Forum will also include an urban management technology session with Dean of the HSE Graduate School of Urban Studies and Planning and co-founder of Habidatum Alexey Novikov; a speech by Frédéric Mazzella, Founder and CEO of BlaBlaCar, a global leader in the transportation revolution; debates focused on data collection and the privacy issues it entails; discussions on financial technology with heads of major banks, startups and young financial companies like Rocket Bank; and a look at the role technology plays in major urban events, involving top developers and city managers.


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