21 October, 2015
Tsar Jazz and Open Innovations

  The idea of holding a jazz festival at the Open Innovations Forum is not as strange as it may sound.  Jazz is the only genre of music where you can forget the sheet music and just improvise, freeing your imagination and demonstrating your skills. This is exactly the approach needed in a difficult economic period. Today, we need to forget about dogma and look for new solutions, just like the best jazz musicians.
 Artists were invited to the festival for their creativity. Ola Onabule is a Nigerian composer and soul singer who has made his career in Europe and the US. He is one of a sel ect few who have been interviewed as musical headliners by CNN, the BBC, The Guardian and even the Italian Vogue. Nicole Rochelle is an American in Paris. She is a singer, actress, and anthropologist who adjusts her schedule according to the demands of the art market. Olga Klein, who amazed TV viewers across the country with a stunning performance on The Voice, won a well-deserved audience choice award. FRAMEST is an a capella group from Latvia with a highly varied repertoire from jazz to folk, and fr om pop to classical music. There is a long list of headliners. Among them are popular favorite Mark Tishman and the famous Finnish trombone player and conductor, Antti Rissanen, the only jazz trombonist to ever receive a Doctorate of Music. He will certainly have something to share with the Forum participants. This musical feast will be accompanied by the most swinging band in Russia, the George Garanian Big Band, a group in which every member is a soloist.
The show will feature popular jazz tunes. And if the musical improvisations encourage Forum participants to take bolder steps in their careers, then this evening of jazz will have been a success.


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